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Do you have any family ghost stories that have been passed down? If you do I would like to add them to the family tree! Here is the one for Ebenezer Halladay: The story goes that Ebenezer Halladay was heart broken when his first wife died at the age of 30. He refused to marry another, but with all the children to take care of he didn't know what he would do. Then one night the ghost of Jane appeared to him, her face half in shadow, and told him he must marry again. She then turned her head to reveal the other half of her face, but instead of Jane's face, Ebenezer saw the face of a woman he had never seen before. She said that it was this woman who Ebenezer should marry. Later in the year, Ebenezer was traveling, selling grain elsewhere in Ontario and he stopped for the night at an Inn. When Parthenia Olds, the daughter of the innkeeper, came to serve him he recognized the face that Jane had shown him. He asked her to marry him. She said yes. - recv'd from Katherine Bredbeck, 8/20/95
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Leslie HALLADAY, 1888-1956

SOLVED This is a headstone in Pine Hill Cemetery, Delta, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. I do not know who his parents were as the dates do not match. I have a Leslie Halladay with no dates, the son of Irving James Halladay and Irene Dixon. I have no dates for them either. Any help connecting this headstone with the right person will help. Thanks Solved on 14 June 2018 by: Comments (Most Wanted: HALLADAY, Leslie, 1888-1956): Hello, I have messaged to you before in the Comments about my Husband Charles Halladay who is the son of Charles Edward Halladay. I also have Ancestry in which I have a lot of information. One of my Husbands Relative who is the Granddaughter of Roy Halladay. You Wanted to know about this Headstone. My Husband says that at Pine Hill Cemetery, that is the Family Cemetery where is Relatives are Buried. This Headstone which my Husbands says is Lester Halladay, Addison Brother. His Middle name is Leslie. I also went into the Family Trees to confirm it and it is Correct. If you want Message me to know more. Looking forward to hearing from you. Lucy Halladay
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